Shabbaton opens Friday, November 11 at 8:00 am and ends Sunday, November 13 at 4:00 pm (1:00 pm for Group 1).

Note: The schedule is approximate and subject to change.


7:45 am Registration opens – Jewish Children’s Museum
Light refreshments will be served
Venue: Jewish Children’s Museum, 792 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY 11213

8:00 am NYC tour departs (buses leave promptly at 8:15!)
*by prior reservation only

11:00 am Jewish Discovery Walking Tour

1:00 pm Registration Closes

3:30 pm Welcome! Opening Session

Venue for all for all JewFest events (unless noted otherwise): Oholei Torah Center, 667 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY 11213

4:10 pm Candle Lighting Ceremony

4:45 pm Workshops

5:45 pm Kabbalat Shabbat – Welcoming Shabbat with exuberance

6:30 pm Visit Lubavitch World Headquarters

7:00 pm Shabbat Dinner at the Home of Your Host

9:30 pm – 1:00 am FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE! Interactive discussions and social opportunities

Saturday / Shabbat

8:30 am Chassidut: A mystical start to Shabbat

9:30 am Shacharit (option 1)

10:30 am Prayer discussion & meditation (Option 2)

12:00 pm Festive Shabbat Lunch

2:30-5:15 pm Workshops, activities and social opportunities

5:30 pm Uplifting Havdallah Ceremony

8:00 pm ULTRA: JewFest Party

11:00 pm – 1:00 am Late Night Interactive discussions


8:30 am Shacharit & Tefillin Club

Note: The Sunday programming is split into two groups. Check to see which group your school is joining.

Group 1

9:00 am Breakfast

10:00 am Closing program

11:00 am Busses depart to the Rebbe’s Ohel

1:00 pm Official end of JewFest; busses return to Crown Heights


Group 2

9:30 am Option A: Jewish Discovery walking tour (by prior reservation) – leaving from Dreidel at JCM

10:00 am  Option B: Jewish Children’s Museum tour

Kingston Avenue Judaica and gift shopping!

11:30 am Brunch

12:30 pm Closing Program

1:30 pm Busses depart to the Rebbe’s Ohel

3:30 pm Official end of JewFest; busses return to Crown Heights


Have a safe trip home, see you next year!